10-14-15 10:46 PM
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  1. raino's Avatar
    According to Lookout, the malware is utilized to target users in Japan.
    10-14-15 10:31 PM
  2. Emaderton3's Avatar
    Agreed. People love to post links to vulnerabilities. But the articles NEVER report any real individual victimized by the vulnerability. Seriously. If I read about wildfires in California (or just out west), I always read about individual persons or families featured and victimized by the tragedy. That is just one example. If I read an article about identity theft, it will always feature a face and a name. A real person. But I have yet to read that the identity theft was due to an Android (or iOS) vulnerability.

    The more I read about phone vulnerability articles on the web (or even mainstream media), I've yet to see a face of a victim. Somebody prove me wrong.
    Yes, bad things happen to people, and my point is that it was not pandemic, i.e., happening to such a large majority of people that cautions would be issued. I think a great barometer of Android would be to head over to the Android Central forums which I have not done yet. As CrackBerry members, we are all Mobile Nations members then, right? As a CrackBerry member, most of us are informed and/or care about BlackBerry. So the same could be said about members of Android Central regarding Android. Are their posts dominated by security breaches and problems like that? If it was on a massive scale, wouldn't you think that Bla1ze or even Kevin would raise the alarms??? And you could say they have bias, but even so, such an event would probably be good for them and generate more hits and traffic (and I know you guys wouldn't do such a thing unless it was necessary since I have been here long enough and haven't seen cause for alarm by you).

    Look, I subscribe to a security company and get info on the latest threats. I have even been paranoid enough now that I have banned my family from using Internet Explorer. At the time, I switched over to Mozilla's Firefox which I still use. And I never search the web logged into any of my accounts like Google or Microsoft. But even after clearing my entire browser data, when I go to ESPN, they still have that column on the left side of all the teams that are close to me. Face it--you are going to get tracked in some fashion. Your car has probably been a part of some traffic study. Your license plate may have even been captured by a camera. Your health insurance and doctors' visits are surely data points as are your banking transactions. And yes, I wasn't a fan after hearing Google was going to scan your emails and give you targeted ads. But even not being logged into any accounts in a non-Google browser, I still get them. It is the nature of the beast and being on the grid. It might feel uncomfortable or "Enemy of the State", but at the end of the day, it is for companies to make money and target their services in appropriate areas. I mean come on, how does Netflix know how to recommend certain movies to you? I can understand not liking that, but people can not act like the end of days are coming for switching to Android. And at least we would have BlackBerry's meddling into the OS on the Priv if that makes you feel better.
    10-14-15 10:46 PM
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