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    By December 1, if the PRIV 's release was on time in Nov, and if Android users jump on it, the pre orders in November plus some of the activations will give John Chen a very clear idea of whether the interest in PRIV is higher than anything else ever released under his watch, and if my understanding of security laws is correct, then he would be obliged to indicate to the market and its analysts, DURING THE CC, whether or not, pre-orders are low, moderate, high, or beyond anything the company has seen in two years.
    If analysts believe that pre orders are high, then the share will pop huge.
    1 percent of the Android market is 10 million units.
    Half of that is 5 million units.
    Chen can not pretend that pre orders are low if they are high.
    If he would lie, then analysts could sue him for millions.
    He has to tell the truth or an approximate truth.
    Analysts always check their channels, be it online stores
    carriers, distributors, or even the courrier companies that deliver the units
    to the carriers/distributors/stores or to the end users.

    In the world of android , today, there are companies that sell android slide-out devices with querty keyboards in the low price range (150-300 dollars).
    People buy those devices because they love querty.
    Since they do buy them it means there is a market for Querty Android and not even Jim Cramer can state other wise.
    As for Higher end Android Querty devices that offer security and higher performance/productivity,the only game in town is Blackberry Priv.

    Google probably decides who gets to make a PRIV of their own,
    but my guess is that Google will allow Blackberry to create a suite of new
    slide-out querty androids before the rest do, in exchange for a win win agreement.

    Once that agreement is signed and once the numbers grow, then Google will have the incentive to position Blackberry within its growing list of independent subsidiaries .
    Google may even decide to allow blackberry to remain a public company and keep its bbry stock and in that scenario that ...well....

    We do not know what kind of agreement is in place.
    But I am willing to guess that when blackberry announced that it signed two
    patent agreements and one company did not want to be identified, that Google and Blackberry had to sign a patent agreement before Google supplied blackberry with much needed
    important tech assistance to make the PRIV happenahead of time.
    Both companies would have had to sign cross licensing patent agreements.
    Blackberry announced two agreements were signed and that one company
    did not want to be named. Everything was done according to the book.
    I think the second company is Google.
    This is a theory.
    But one thing for sure is this.
    Android is like a bread recipe.
    Many bakers out there using the same recipe and modifying it.

    Blackberry comes along and says "I love your bread recipe and I think I have a way
    to solve a problem you have had since day one, but I need your permission first"
    You need to sign here first and Google says the same thing.

    Before Blackberry began tinkering with ANDROID's OS, they had to get a patent licence agreement; and vice versa, especially if the tweeking goes very deep. It is in Google's interest that the PRIV works flawlessly, as the future of Android and its 1 billion users could end up using the technology developed jointly by Google and Blackberry.
    Remember, when it comes to options, do not spend a dime on options without being fully prepared, that 90-95 percent of option buyers, watch their entire option holdings expire worthless.
    1000 dollars or 100,000 today could be worth 0 at expiry
    09-29-15 12:43 PM

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