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    Will we be activating it with a google account or will our BBID still be what we use? Hope that's not a dumb question? I hope we still have our BBID.
    You will activate with Google ID.. You will only need your BBID for BBM.

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    11-03-15 07:11 PM
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    What is the difference between a google account and none Gmail? I thought it was "urname@gmail.com"
    You set up a Google account using an email address and a password. Basically, that's all there is to the account.

    However, Google would prefer that you make the account with a Gmail address and tries real hard to make you set a Gmail address up if you don't already have one. It used to automatically make a Google+ account for you too, but they finally dropped that "feature".

    I had set up my Google account back in the days before Gmail went public and would take any valid email address without fussing about it. My email is through my ISP, so it's similar to "urname@urISP.net"

    Today, you have to hunt very carefully for the option to use an existing, non-Gmail, email address when setting up a new Google account. It can be done, but they don't make it easy.

    Like I mentioned earlier, my son's Samsung Galaxy S2 setup process included plugging in the required Google account. We tried using my wife's existing account that was also tied to a non-Gmail email address through our ISP, and it refused to accept that account. It specifically stated that the Google account had to use a Gmail address. My wife ended up making a Gmail address, and creating a new Google account using that address. Then, it worked.

    I know many will just make a dummy account and simply never use it, but I refuse to do that (I wasn't happy that my wife did it, but we had to finish the phone's initial setup or my son wouldn't have a phone). I don't want to be one to add to Google's transparent attempt at a numbers grab. Their whole point of requiring a Gmail address is merely so they can add to their numbers when they say "we have blank-million Gmail users"

    As I understand it, that Gmail "requirement" is no longer there. Google account requirement, yes. That is needed to use Google play. But any email address type should be okay with it now.

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    11-03-15 09:50 PM
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