09-15-19 05:20 PM
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  1. bbone99's Avatar
    I had the same problem on KeyOne, tried to install ADB but all the time had the error "authboot erase permission denied" even if I disabled security PIN from device.

    Then I realized that there is also "Japan" band besides "USA" band, I tried it and voala, the problem disappeared.

    But I haven't found any solution for my "authboot erase permission denied" error.
    08-20-18 08:35 AM
  2. nkiss82's Avatar
    I have installed the ADB installer 1.4.3 and BB official usb driver and i had the same problem. But i have find the solution.
    In the "adb" directory i have deleted the installed "fastboot.exe" (318464 byte) and copied the "fastboot.exe" from my downloaded bb autoloader zip file (1973411 byte). And after then it worked fine :-)
    09-15-19 05:20 PM
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