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    I've had my Priv for about 4 days now and I really like it. I haven't experienced any of the negative issues that some people have reported (my phone runs very cool and is very fast and responsive without any hiccups). But I thought I'd share a couple of things with those who haven't received their Privs yet that were surprises to me.

    1. The screen is not curved. I know, this one came as a big surprise to me since everyone says the screen is curved, but it isn't. Let me be clear: The glass on top of the AMOLED panel is definitely curved as you can plainly see from the un-boxing videos, but the panel itself is completely flat and only goes up to the point at which the curve starts. The screen bezels are on the curve, not the screen itself. This has thrown me for a loop a few times as I go to swipe in from the curve, or hit the menu in the upper right hand corner and my finger goes a little too far over and touches the curve itself, and nothing happens, cause there's no screen there.

    2. Battery Life if phenomenal. I'm coming from an Xperia Z3, which has some of the best battery life for heavy, real world use in any smartphone, and the Priv's is better. I'm what you'd consider a heavy user and I've consistently get 5.5 - 6 hours of OST every single time with my Priv. As we all know, being able send a few texts and be on standby for 5 days is fine and dandy, but if your battery is too small to allow you to watch videos and spend hours on Tumblr without needing a charge, then it's not really of value. The Priv does all this and more.The downside here is that it does take an incredibly long time to charge, as has been stated elsewhere.

    3. The speaker is outstanding, but is really geared toward voices. Interestingly enough, the external speaker is almost the most important aspect of a phone to me. I listen to my phone everyday while in the shower and cooking dinner, and am constantly on Voxer and conference calls, so a very loud and clear external speaker is a must, and the Priv delivers. I read a lot of conflicting reports in early reviews so this is an area I was worried about, but let me try to clear up some confusion. As far as pure volume goes, the Priv is great (leaps and bounds louder than my Z3), but the Nexus 6 or 6p is definitely louder. The interesting part about the Priv is the crystal clear output for voices. Whether on a conference call or listening to music, I haven't met a phone yet with better voice reproduction. I think the confusion in the reviews came when comparing the Priv to the likes of the HTC One series. The Priv is definitely not geared toward bass and lower octave reproduction like the One is.

    4. The on screen keyboard is really good with a caveat. I love the predictive aspects of the keyboard. I'm used to using Swipe, and it's been an adjustment on the Priv, but flicking words up has proven to be roughly as fast as Swipe for me...when it works. Predictive text just doesn't work in lots of apps. When it's there it's great, but I've noticed it's only there in a few apps and therefore isn't as helpful in most situations. I may end up switching to Swipe.
    11-15-15 08:28 PM
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    Nice review not too many of these lately.

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    11-15-15 08:36 PM

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