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    Ok, so i have had the Priv for a day now, and while some things are frustrating me immensely, I'm not going to jump to conclusions and recognize that there is always a learning curve as there was with my first BB10 phone and even then the Passport. However, i do need help with one issue that i'm having...

    On my passport many of my contacts are from my Facebook, i have then added additional info like phone numbers to those contacts. If you open most of my facebook contacts it shows that a link exists between facebook and "additional information" which contains the phone number and maybe an email or two. After using content transfer i noticed many of my contacts did not show up. I suspected this was facebook contacts and i was correct.

    I know i can get an app for android to import facebook contacts but it doesnt come with the linked information. I have tried use contactx or similar on the passport to export all contacts but it doesnt export the facebook contacts. any suggestions? I'd be happy to link everything to gmail but not sure how i can do that as a batch rather than individually.
    11-16-15 01:02 PM

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