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    I posted a related issue a few days ago and after talking to BB support, I finally figured it out and wanted to share with people here, as well as people from BlackBerry.

    A few days ago I noticed that my Wifi icon was showing uploading/downloading arrows non-stop, and the device would get very warm and battery drains quickly. It turned out to be my company's exchange account is syncing constantly. I only enabled the calendar part and disabled everything else (email, contact, etc.) but it decided to sync the email even though it's turned off.

    If I go to the Calendar app, choose my exchange account, and on the top right corner click the 3 dots, I see the menu text switching between "Sync Now" and "Cancel Sync" every 1/2 second or so. Then click the account to reveal the 3 options (calendar, contacts and email), I would see the sync icon (two round arrows forming a circle) flashing beside the email option. This is why I see the constant uploading/downloading activities over the wifi network (or LTE if wifi is off).

    After talking to BB support, I deleted this account from the Calendar app, and set up a new one from the hub. Looks like it's happy now and everything is working as it's supposed to be.

    However I also found that adding an exchange account in the hub is different than adding it in the Calendar app. In the hub after I setup the account, I see a few more options (email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes) while in the Calendar app, I only see email, contacts and calendar. That is strange.

    Anyways, this was the cause of my rapid battery drain started a few days ago. If you have an exchange account setup in your Calendar app, you may want to double check its behaviour.
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    01-20-16 10:51 AM
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    That's interesting. There shouldn't be a difference, but we'll certainly take your word for it.

    Thanks for letting us know.
    01-24-16 06:18 PM
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    Thanks for the reply. I have sent a short video showing the menu text switching and the constant email syncing to one of BB's support Rep and I believe her name is Sarah. She told me she has entered this bug into her work log and asked me to give the details about this bug in the support feedback form, which I already did.

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    01-27-16 12:39 AM

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