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    Our exchange server is hosted by Microsoft with our own private domain name.

    Here's what I've found so far:

    1. Blackberry Hub

    Works no problem in recognizing the account.

    2. Android Exchang Account

    As a FYI, I'm coming off of the Samsung S5 which worked with no issues.

    On the Android Exchange Account I received an error message about not receiving the certificate and that I had to manually import the certificate from an outside source.

    Solution: I change my custom domain to the outlook.office365.com and everything worked fine.

    Question: Why was my custom domain name not recognized in the Android Accounts but the same account worked with the custom domain in the Blackberry Hub.

    Please note I tried my setup with WI-FI tured off and on with no difference.

    Thanks in advance.

    11-14-15 11:51 AM

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