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  1. waveuk's Avatar
    I loved it from day one but had issues with getting hot.

    I did a factory reset and restricted 2G. Now it is getting better every day and I am more used to it.

    Keyboard feels better after using it a few days. Love the touchpad and battery is great.

    Today I had to travel so it was important to make it thought the day. I unplugged at 5 am. I made 1 hour mobile calls, listen Spotify for 1 hour, WhatsApp calls for 30 minutes, 150 business emails (Good) and probably 50 personal emails and received about 500 WhatsApp messages. 5.5 hours SOT, 75% on mobile network and not hot at all.

    What else could I ask?
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    11-25-15 03:07 PM
  2. mister2d's Avatar
    The teardown of the Priv shows the antenna and the celluar bits close to each other. Makes sense that when you set your max speed to 2G that it wouldn't get hot.

    I'm assuming you used Spotify in offline mode for that hour. I can't imagine any useable performance over 2G bandwidth and latency.

    Same goes for WhatsApp calls. How was that? The latency should have caused lots of echoes and delays in the call. I did a similar VOIP experiment on an old Nokia phone and it was absolutely unusable, so I had to kick it up to Edge 3G speeds. Even then there was the occasional echo with the most frugal voice codec.
    11-25-15 04:03 PM
  3. waveuk's Avatar
    I didn't put 2G as max speed but excluded it. I have only G3 and G4. I think it gets hot changing bands all the time.
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    11-25-15 04:08 PM

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