1. ottawaman1's Avatar
    Hello, I've migrated to a Priv from a Passport with OS 10.3.
    A terrific feature on my Passport was BB Assistant, which worked wonderfully with my Audi's voice system (QNX Software designed the Audi's software), since it had its own phone number that the vehicle could dial, enabling me to listen to and/or reply to texts and emails by voice while driving. The command to the car was "Call BlackBerry Assistant" and it would dial the "999" area code and number, connecting me by voice with the BB Assistant.
    The Priv does not have the Assistant, of course. I tried Drivesafe.ly but it does not cut into my bluetooth when it reads a text, so it is useless, plus I cannot reply if needed.
    Is there any Android app out there that can do what BB Assistant does that my Audi can voice-dial?
    07-15-16 07:28 AM
  2. rachaelslp22's Avatar
    Did you try android auto?
    07-15-16 09:23 AM
  3. stefanbechen's Avatar
    Android Auto requires a car that support it IIRC.
    There are some apps that claim to be able to do what the Assistant in BB10 can do but so far none of them worked for me.

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    07-15-16 09:44 AM
  4. ottawaman1's Avatar
    My audi is 2012, unfortunately before Android Auto was available. I need an app that can be called by the voice telephone app the vehicle currently has. Thanks for your suggestion, however
    07-15-16 10:16 PM
  5. rachaelslp22's Avatar
    The assistants like Eva and Utter have car modes.
    07-15-16 10:45 PM
  6. ottawaman1's Avatar
    Thanks, I'll try thopse to see if they cut into my bluetooth. Unfortunately, drivesafe.ly did not. I'll let you know
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    07-17-16 10:34 PM
  7. ottawaman1's Avatar
    Unfortunately Eva and utter don't allow my car to call them from the voice recognition in the car. Still have to touch the phone, which in Ontario is a BIG fine and 3 demerit points on driver's license as well as more importantly being unsafe!!
    11-01-16 02:49 PM

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