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    Hence forth, I no longer wish to hear the argument, "buy a BlackBerry for what it is now."

    I have been utilizing a Nexus 5 and BlackBerry Z30 for a while now and my next investment is going to be either a new Nexus OR a new Android BlackBerry.

    However, it will only be a BlackBerry if the company can somehow assure me that they won't be "out of the hardware business as early as next year," as a headline today reads. Granted, that wasn't the main point of what Chen was saying in that article, but still, it is an important, make that critical concern to address.

    If BlackBerry decides to stop making devices, do folks realize what that means for their Privs? A no-longer-upgraded skinned OS that is eternally stuck on Lollipop (or whatever version it leaves off at). Then the end user can only root the phone and flash it to put a newer Android version on it, but of course that will remove the BlackBerry skin. Not to mention, what is the point of securing Android if you no longer upgrade Android to the latest version? Pointless.

    So, in conclusion, BlackBerry needs to assure customers that they will not, like some Android manufacturers do, end up trapping users on a version of Android. The Priv needs to be able to always update AND upgrade to the latest version of Android with BlackBerry's skin for AT LEAST 2 years or it isn't worth buying at all.

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    10-08-15 10:28 PM
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    Or just don't buy the Priv entirely and save yourself the stress of predicting technological advances.

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    10-08-15 10:55 PM
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    I agree its concerning. However that statement is meaningful only if the Priv doesn't do well and Blackberry ceases to exist. Personally I think this Phone will do very well and be very well received. That being said if I'm wrong for whatever reason, I don't really care. The Priv will end up being like my HP c12 calculator, old but unbeatably relevant.

    But lets be honest here, the market cap of Blackberry is $3.8 Billion as of Oct. 8th 2015, If this phone doesn't work out as planned someone is going to buy this company and take it private or buy it for its iconic keyboard and all its patents. This won't be the last we see of Blackberry or the Keyboard. It would be in the interest of the buyer to continue to support the Priv with future updates to solidify and secure the company's reputation until its next endeavor.
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    10-08-15 10:59 PM
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    I can see how people might be out off on buying this phone since blackberry might stop making handsets in the near future but.. If this phone doesn't sell then it's a for sure that they'll stop making hardware.

    I'm buying once because I want an android device with physical keys. I'm hoping the Priv sells well enough that we'll see a Passport version running Android.

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    10-08-15 11:58 PM
  5. STV0726's Avatar
    I would want to buy one so bad, but I'm not sure I want to spend $750 on something unless BlackBerry addresses the concern regarding will this device be supported and get new versions of Android that Google releases even if they don't meet their sales goal and consequently exit the hardware business for real this time?

    10-22-15 01:13 AM

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