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    On all my Blackberry devices including OS7 and OS10, email from our IMAP server shows up instantly. Even if the device has been dormant for hours, when I pick it up the email is already there.

    On Apple and Android devices, when the device goes to sleep it stops syncing email. After leaving an iPhone dormant for a while, to check email you must wait while it connects to the server.

    All this works great on my BB Classic. I am concerned that since the Priv's underlying operating system is Android, does it use the Android or Blackberry email software? Does the Priv support push when the device is dormant like previous BB devices? Or does it work like other Android email clients?
    12-25-15 09:36 PM
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    If your email service supports IMAP Idle (push) then BlackBerry 10, Android clients, and the iOS mail client all get inbox messages pushed to them in a second or two. Or three. On iOS there's a setting called background app refresh I think. I had to enable that on someone's iPhone for the mail client to make it get messages in real time as I recall. All the Android clients I've tried support it too. And BlackBerry 10 does if push enabled is selected for the account.

    EDIT: Sorry. On iPhone. Under mail settings and fetch data you turn on PUSH. On Android and blackberry 10 these are usually toggled on by default under most any client.

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    12-25-15 09:49 PM
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    bb10 email works the same as email on android. So you should have no problem if it works on bb10
    12-25-15 09:57 PM

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