1. Jake2826's Avatar
    Hi. I'm looking at buying a Priv, but I'm still concerned about the FEEL of the keyboard and the clickiness of the keys. I am fine with the size of the keyboard.

    Can anyone tell me their experiences with the keyboard? Especially those that have experience with multiple units and newer hardware builds. Thanks!
    05-02-17 02:32 PM
  2. newcollector's Avatar
    All I can say is the keyboard is fine as far as I am concerned. I had a Passport before the Priv and a Z10 before that. In some ways the keyboard reminds me of the Torch, but not nearly as cramped.
    05-02-17 03:40 PM
  3. erose75's Avatar
    My first one was built/boxed in 2015. The one I have now was built/boxed mid-2016. Didn't notice much difference in the pkb at first. I only kept the first one for a couple weeks. I've been on the 2nd one now for a few months and the keys have gotten clickier over time. I still have issues with the zero and sym keys...i have to hit them just right or they feel dead. They are wider than the regular 3 row keys, but the clickpad underneath must not have been made wider for those 2 keys.
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    05-02-17 04:25 PM
  4. Carlito27's Avatar
    I tried q10, passport and classic. I believe that the priv's keyboard is the most silent of all. Feedback is great on the priv, a little small compared to the other ones but I got used to it very quickly. I'm pretty sure that Q10 was the loudest.
    05-02-17 04:43 PM
  5. medic22003's Avatar
    Mine seems to be plenty clicky. I've had it for just over a year now and I can hear and feel each key. I've never understood the complaints about the keyboard
    05-02-17 04:56 PM
  6. Rico4you's Avatar
    Hello got my PRIV last June 2016 and almost a year later in I use the the PKB 99% of the time! Awesome device!
    05-02-17 05:38 PM
  7. matthewkuhl's Avatar
    For me, the left side is plenty clicky, but the right side is mushy. It feels ok, but it's nowhere near the Classic or PPSE
    05-05-17 10:05 AM
  8. anon(679606)'s Avatar
    Hello got my PRIV last June 2016 and almost a year later in I use the the PKB 99% of the time! Awesome device!
    Same here. I got an eBay special used coupl'a days by a business to try... SYM key was mushy for a very brief period but has subsequently been fine... I wish they had made the ALT key a little taller though...
    05-05-17 01:40 PM

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