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    I'm considering the Priv. I have a Classic now and came from a 9930 before that. On the 9930 I could set the notifications so that emails, texts, etc would vibrate FIRST (say 2 vibes for text, 3 for email) and then would also play a sound for that alert after the vibration. This way, I didn't ever need to switch from vibe mode to sound mode, because even if I was in a situation where I didn't want any alert sound to disrupt, if I felt the vibration I could just reach for the phone...pull it out of holster...and doing so would stop the notification BEFORE it ever got to the audible noise. In other situations, if I somehow missed the vibration (I was walking, phone was not physically on me) the vibrations would be followed by the tone and I would still get the message each time. This worked perfectly for years....never having to remember to switch to vibe only mode (like flipping a big switch on the side of an iPhone) and never having to remember to switch back to tone mode either, thus not missing anything later.

    Then came BB10. This function was gone, as you couldn't have one follow the other, they were simultaneous. So, I simply loaded up tones I created that had a 5 second delay of "dead air" at the beginning of the sound file. This blank spot left enough time for the vibes to happen first before the phone finally made a sound. Luckily, I could still either touch the screen, or press the "home / end call" button to stop the alert before it ever got to the audible portion for those times when I preferred it stay quiet. (removing from holster didn't always do this, another BB10 shortcoming...sigh)

    Now, with Android, I have a Moto X running Lollipop that I use on Wifi for testing. Using the same method described above with BB10, I can get the same effect as having it vibe first....then make a tone. BUT...there seems to be no way to stop the alert once it's started. In other words....even with the 5 second blank spot, if a get an alert and it vibes, nothing I do can will dismiss this notification before the eventual sound happens. Not touching the screen, not touching the buttons, nothing. It's maddening. The only thing I can do is actually keep quickly pressing the volume down button to manually go to vibration mode (then remember to go back again after). Primitive.

    Anyone know if the Priv might be able to stop notifications (besides a phone call) in mid-notification by a button or screen press? Or are you forced to have it go through the entire thing?

    Thanks very much.
    03-10-16 08:03 AM

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