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    I love this feature. Slide out the keyboard and start typing. It's a close second to WebOS "Just type" feature. Unfortunately, after the last update of Blackberry Apps, it's become almost unusable. It has a huge startup lag and if I type normally it misses key presses altogether. I have to pause after each key press to make sure it's taken. Are others seeing the same thing? Is it possibly because I'm still stuck in Lollipop on Verizon?
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    09-14-16 08:59 PM
  2. Cong Tuan Nguyen's Avatar
    A reset might help?

    But honestly, in OS7 and before, the search function in BB is second to none. Early OS10 it got reduced a bit but still usable. I don't understand why it's now reduced even more.

    It's the function people would use the most if it works correctly. You don't have to remember anything on your device. You just have to search for it. Perfect.
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    09-14-16 09:31 PM
  3. gizmo21's Avatar
    Just Type was one of my favourite features in webOS and that's because there is a pkb were typing ahead is just easy and device search could get that way even if it has a long way to go there. But sadly this lagging is there since month for us MM users and BlackBerry doesn't react on this bug: /blackberry-priv-f440/device-search-misses-some-keys-pressed-since-last-update-1076834/#post12471061

    It's pity as a really useful getting things done opportunity is crippled atm.
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    09-15-16 02:44 PM

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