1. andromeda_girl's Avatar
    my new priv was stolen last night.
    upon returning to my friend's home where i am staying [i am on an overseas holiday] i went online to blackberry protect to flag it as stolen.
    the little curcle for 'locating device' was circling endlessly and i just wanted this done so i hit the button to mark stolen.
    the same instant, i discovered this was for my passport, not my priv.
    my passport is safe and sound at home overseas.
    i hit cancel, hoping it was not too late since the swirling bar was still going...
    so then i try to contact blackberry for help on this.
    on their website, without the imei number you cannot do a single thing to even reach them. same with the telephone support number.
    that number is of course not exactly memorized nor was it with me.
    14 hours later, i managed to get in touch with my landlord back overseas. they got the info from the box in my apartment...
    calling blackberry, i get a recording saying blackberry no longer provides support for the priv.
    this is insane.
    so i spent four hours trying to change every password in my life [nuts how many darn accounts one has] and contacted my mobile phone provider to have the number suspended, to have the mobile marked stolen.
    so now, my passport is flagged as stolen when it is not, my new priv is stolen and 14 hours later i still have not been able to reach blackberry about this.

    just why the blackberry protect did not even list my priv as a device to flag as stolen is a interesting concern. perhaps because the passport uses an infinitely superior os while the priv uses a battery-draining data draining os that is constantly just costing you money and making your life miserable, and therefor is not even part of blackberry protect.
    just why it is so impossible to reach blackberry for help with a new device that has been stolen is an entirely different issue.

    if anyone from blackberry gets onto this forum, i would greatly appreciate some much needed help.
    some punk has my new priv, either to get information to steal from me or to just sell it. either way i am vunerable right now and really need help to kill the device and make it useless to anyone.
    10-15-17 02:28 AM
  2. BigBadWulf's Avatar
    Not sure why you can't get BlackBerry personnel. Sad your phone was stolen!

    There is no protect on a GooBerry. You need to go here.
    10-15-17 02:55 AM
  3. tickerguy's Avatar
    Yep; there is no "BlackBerry Protect" on Android. You do what you're looking for via Google's page. Yes, you can wipe it, and no, he CAN'T set it back up (if it was locked and he cannot guess your password) without your account information, as if the phone is forcibly wiped (which you CAN do) it will demand the last Google account used (and its password) before it will do anything more than go into the first boot sequence.
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    10-15-17 05:54 PM

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