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    Hey guys,
    So I got a dilemma... I've currently got a Classic and experiencing it getting ever so slow and just not fitting my needs anymore. (I've had a Classic for years now, never used Android)

    In short, I only want my phone for work-related purposes - email, whatsapp, twitter, facebook, occasional photos, etc (no games at all and no Snapchat/Instagram)

    Whilst I love the idea of the KeyOne, the price is seriously putting me off and thinking if it's worth me getting a Priv instead... but I was wondering...

    - Apparently Android 7 isn't available on it yet, is that a big deal?
    - I can understand
    - I read reports/reviews saying the handset can be quite slow, in terms of opening up apps etc, is this true?‎

    Thanks in advance!

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    03-13-17 06:19 AM
  2. Joel Olmedo's Avatar
    Sounds like the Priv will be good fit for you. The Priv was upgraded to Marshmallow last year and from what I've seen, MM really resolved many of the early problems of the Priv on Lollipop.

    My own experience on my Priv these past six months of owning it has been seamless. I've never had problems about my Priv slowing down, although I'm not gamer using processor hungry apps.

    Regarding Nougat, I think the general opinion is that the Priv will most likely get that upgrade later this year. Even if doesn't, I wouldn't worry too much about it because Priv on MM is already an excellent pkb device. I'm also looking at the KeyOne and will most likely get one when its price goes down to more reasonable levels next year.

    At $300 now, the Priv is a no brainer, so jump right in, the water's fine!
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    03-13-17 06:33 AM
  3. gebco's Avatar
    I see posts about the Priv being a bit laggy, but honestly mine seems fine. I dunno, maybe other phones open apps faster, but I am rarely frustrated by the speed on my Priv. It can be had for a great price right now. I paid $599 CAD for it this past summer and I am satisfied with the value for what I paid.
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    03-13-17 10:51 PM
  4. mad_mdx's Avatar
    I got one second hand, after the initial "shock" of switching platforms, work flow and the never ending customizing and finding the best or right app, I have to say it's a really great device.

    The hardware is great. The phone doesn't lag, it's not the fastest device of this year but it doesn't take more than 1 or 2 seconds to open any app, and if the app is already open in the background it will be ready instantly where you left off.

    The speaker is very loud, the keyboard is great, virtual and physical, the hub works great too. Battery life should be on par with the classic. The screen is beautiful, I think the curved edges are a nice touch.

    At first I was having issues with the camera, being used to the passport camera I was finding the shots were coming out more blurry on the priv's. But at this point I've gotten used to the priv and how to hold it and adjust some settings and it's actually taking great photos now.
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    03-14-17 02:22 AM
  5. RealRichLRead's Avatar
    Thanks guys - really appreciated! Swayed towards getting one now...

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    03-14-17 03:59 AM
  6. jakie55's Avatar
    Lets add one more reason to get the PRIV. You will find it much faster than the processor on the Classic. (Although the BB10 "apps" built into the OS are so smooth) I went from a Nexus 6P to the Priv, and honestly cannot complain about significant lag.
    03-14-17 04:11 AM

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