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    - the physical keyboard has grown on me and is simply amazing.
    - the screen is sharp, bright, and colours look great. Probably my favourite screen on a phone
    - there's some great tech built in, really dig the productivity tab and ability to change the view of recent apps
    - the rear facing camera is awesome.

    - BlackBerry Hub needs improvement: speed, fluidity, app integration
    - system performance: smooth out scrolling jitters
    - battery life: I used the phone for 30min, - down to 86%
    - front facing camera is subpar
    - the speakers need some software tuning (annoying hiss at low levels)

    It's interesting, never have I gone back and forth so much on a device whether I want to keep it or not. Some things are great, others not so much (but I know they can be ironed out with software updates). The only thing I can't stand is how the back of the phone flexes when you place your hand on the middle.

    Good job so far BlackBerry, now lets hammer out those software updates.

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    11-08-15 09:20 AM

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