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    Up until recently, my beloved Priv was set up very nicely. I had a pal who would contact me on WhatsApp, phone and email, and each notification sound was different- WhatsApp would play The Dance of the Cuckoo (Laurel and Hardy theme), SMS would shout out Goooood Morning Vietnaaaaaammm - and different to ringtones set up for H.M. The Wife (whose WhatsApp ringtone was God Save the Queen), and all different from the default ringtone for each app.

    Then I decided I don't want the phone to bleep when I get emails, so I switched notifications for emails off. And that's when the trouble began.

    Not only had the ringtones been set to their factory default settings for all apps, but now I also have to have one ringtone per contact only, and not one per contact per app, and even that doesn't work very well.

    Has something changed we haven't been told about? Have I XXXXed it up? Or (hopefully) am I looking in the wrong places?

    Advice welcome.

    I've fixed the problem, more out of frustration than inspiration, and did not involve throwing the phone in a bucket of water (although it came close!).

    Uninstall WhatsApp. Reinstall WhatsApp.
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