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    Verizon Priv on Lollipop here. Hopefully some of you can share your Android and Priv experience to help me figure out how to stop the constant data use on my phone. I noticed today my battery was draining quick, then I noticed my wifi and cellular connections are being pegged. I don't load a ton of apps, but this must have started yesterday after updating BB apps through the Play store (last updates I recall installing). I've rebooted, hard booted, tried killing services, but after too much of the last one I had to reboot to get the phone to even work again. Still can't get rid of the constant data use, and it's getting really hot with all this network activity. Tried uninstalling all updates from Play and rebooting, still getting the constant data use. Anyone else have this problem after the latest batch of updates? Anyone have ideas to help me fix this aside from doing a factory reset or running the autoloader?
    04-28-16 07:29 PM
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    Well I realized that by uninstalling all Play updates for BB apps, it pretty much removed all of my email accounts as well. That's when I realized the data wasn't pegging anymore. So it seems the problem lay somewhere in one of my email accounts in the Hub. I'm slowly adding my accounts back one-by-one, hopefully I can pinpoint better this time which account was to blame. Anyway, if anyone else runs into this sort of data-pegging thing, and you think it might be related to the Hub, try removing email accounts first. Thank goodness I didn't jump the gun and do a factory reset!
    04-28-16 08:03 PM
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    By the way, I misunderstood someone's advice a few weeks back about "cleaning" stuff up.

    DO NOT DO THIS: I found that by clearing data from BB Services, that's where all accounts, and Contacts and other stuff is stored. They all disappeared, much to my chagrin!
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    04-28-16 09:30 PM

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