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    This will be a question for owners of Priv, particularly the Techies.

    Can anybody vouch for the Priv connecting to a Bluetooth hotspot Access Point same as a tablet can connect? It should start with pairing and then simply connect. I will show the closest video I found to a more confusing way I can't make sense of. It says there may be a special symbol in the status bar with like the iPod Touch. I've been given good advice and alternatives like to just use Wi-Fi or a tablet. All I'm asking is can it be done and what I'm overlooking? The video mentions the phone needs to have at least Bluetooth 3.0 which the Priv has 4.1. I want to do this eventually. Thanks.

    Blackberry lists this feature as working both directions.
    Personal Area Network Profile (PAN) This profile allows you to use your device to share your network connection when connected to a Bluetooth enabled computer. This profile also lets you connect your device to another device that is sharing its network connection.
    07-12-17 11:51 PM
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    I really don't see why bother with it when you can use Wi-Fi hotspot. But maybe it needs to be activated once you pair them, under BT devices and then tap on the device's settings.
    07-14-17 06:12 AM

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