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    Hello People
    I am hoping someone can help me understand a particular behaviour I am experiencing with the hub with an exchange account. And yes, I have updated to the latest software.

    In general, I try to follow the zero inbox philosophy. So once I read a message, I either action something in my todo list, reply immediately, delete the message or just move it to another folder (out of the inbox). In all cases though I try to get the mail out of my inbox. So, knowing that my questions are:

    1. is there a way to configure the account so only the inbox items show in the hub? I don't see that option anywhere and I am pretty sure bb10 has it (had a passport for two months before accidentally firing it through the washing machine)

    2. After I select emails to move to another folder, I click on the "file to:" icon which brings up a "file to" dialog at the bottom of the screen. If I haven't performed this action in a while "Open all folders" is my only option. I click that and choose the folder I want to move the selected emails to ("archive"). Upon selecting that folder I get another dialog that says "On demand sync" and i have the options of "sync now" "always" and "cancel". So I choose "sync now" which correctly moves the selected emails into the selected folder HOWEVER it also moves the messages from the chosen folder back into the hub which completely defeats the purpose of my original action. So, any thoughts on that behaviour...is it intended, an error or an oversight?

    3. Compounding the strangeness is after performing 2 as above if I then select emails from the hub to move to a folder, click the "file to" icon and lone behold my previously selected folder is now an option in the "file to" dialog (along with "Open all folders"). If I select my previously chosen folder here, the behaviour is as expected (and desired), that is, mail is moved to the folder and is out of the hub.

    4. The final hitch is that the desired destination folder showing up in the "file to" dialog seems to have an event associated with it (maybe its time, maybe its some other interaction with the hub) such that it will not show up after a while in the "file to" dialog and I am back where I was in step 2.

    Anyway, its all very odd.

    To be clear what I am trying to do is have my hub only show my inbox and have the ability to zero out my inbox by moving emails to other folders.

    Any help or insight would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long email. Hope it makes sense (how I explained the above, not the behaviour of the hub).

    Thanks in advance.
    11-12-15 08:11 AM
  2. kmack76's Avatar
    Go to Hub>Settings>General Settings>toggle "Show Read Filed Messages" to the off position

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    11-12-15 08:30 AM
  3. gvsbdisco's Avatar
    Thank you for the response. I have changed the settings which initially does clean things up. However, once i try to move emails from the inbox to a folder the behaviour is the same as I described in item 2 in my original email (ie. i am forced to sync with the folder which then brings already filed mail items back into the hub; although this time the behaviour is slightly different in that the message I just filed does not come back or stay in the hub but older previous filed mails do come back into the hub.
    11-12-15 09:06 AM

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