10-27-15 12:05 AM
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  1. anon(5597702)'s Avatar
    Use "Polarity" - looks like Chrome, but it's very lightweight. Love it on both of my Android devices (tablet and TV stick), and I even have it on my Q5 as an alternative to BB10 stock. Works well.
    10-26-15 03:12 PM
  2. kvndoom's Avatar
    I wouldn't wish the BB10 browser on my enemies. JavaScript and ads slow it down to a crawl and it isn't designed to disable either. I don't like Chrome either based on my Windows usage of it, but there's no shortage of 3rd party browsers on Android.
    10-26-15 03:18 PM
  3. red_devil_fan_1999's Avatar
    Dolphin browser plays flash just fine, if there's a concern about losing that
    10-26-15 11:10 PM
  4. anon3700711's Avatar
    Chrome on Nexus faster than BB Browser on Passport. Hands down.

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    No it's not or the fanboys wouldn't complain on XDA Developers.

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    10-26-15 11:27 PM
  5. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    The BB10 browser was an incredible achievement. It was the leading browser in HTML5 standards compliance achieving higher scores than the leading *desktop* browsers. It was the best webgl implementation, too.... before famo.us and such.

    But, John Chen absolutely destroyed the browser project. No one from Torch Mobile is still at BlackBerry at this point. Just two years ago, BlackBerry had compiled the best browser team in mobile. Now, thanks to Chen, it really doesn't have a browser team.

    And before someone gives be the whole bit about software being profitable, let's not forget how much value Chen had to destroy to get that pyric victory.

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    LOL. He destroyed it?

    10-26-15 11:34 PM
  6. RyanGermann's Avatar
    This article provides some useful comparisons between Android browsers. No comparison with BB10 browser, of course.

    With so many excellent choices available, I can't see why BlackBerry would try to reinvent the wheel. If the Priv is at all successful and it looks like BlackBerry has a future making Android devices, I could see Chen trying to buy one of these browser development houses, to add some sort of BlackBerry skin to the browser. And even that's a long shot, I think.
    I personally think it's an idiotic idea for BlackBerry to get into the Browser wars on Android. Leave it to the established developers: BlackBerry isn't going to beat Google at that game in the long run.
    10-27-15 12:05 AM
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