1. nosmartphoneyet's Avatar
    Good day all. I've been noticing my charging port not 'grabbing'. Basically it's really loose and has been since purchase. The phone is great except for this. It won't charge unless it sits without moving. As a result, I can't use my car charger. I've tried the adapter supplied and others.

    Any ideas or solutions??

    Posted via PRIV
    03-30-16 08:05 AM
  2. Susan Scherer's Avatar
    I experienced this same problem with my Q10.

    in the near future, you'll most probably need to prop up the charging cable at an angle in order to charge.

    The problem will get worse. Use your insurance, and get a new one.

    Alternatively, contact BlackBerry and see if this has become a common issue. If so, the company may replace it.

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    03-30-16 08:26 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    How old? If within the exchange/return window, get a new one. Otherwise, you may want to use warranty or insurance. You should not have to fiddle with the cable/plug to get it charging.
    03-30-16 09:14 AM
  4. joeyjay's Avatar
    For me it's the charging cord. It's loose in my Passport too. Other cords are snug. Not as thick though, so I don't use them.

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    03-30-16 09:48 AM
  5. nosmartphoneyet's Avatar
    I got the PRIV when it came out so, I'll check with Rogers. Thx everyone

    Posted via PRIV
    03-30-16 06:13 PM
  6. BriniaSona's Avatar
    Unlike samsung and iPhone. Blackberry has chose to solder the USB port to the motherboard. Where apple and Sammy have theirs as an individual price screwed on.
    03-30-16 06:33 PM
  7. boobookittyfk's Avatar
    This is not good to hear.

    Wireless charging will prolong the port from getting any looser and be a short term solution.
    03-30-16 07:19 PM
  8. so crow's Avatar
    The port on mine works but I'm not sure on the long run.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    03-30-16 07:22 PM

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