11-15-15 09:35 AM
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    Is there app we can download to cut back on CPU? Those that I can find requires root

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    I'm fairly sure it requires root access. I thought about that too... 😞 Hopefully they get this ironed out. Just texting this morning (no PKB) with brightness set to 25%, I lost 20% / hour. Checked CPU and of the 90 minutes I was awake, 45 were spent in the 1440 range...

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    11-15-15 09:27 AM
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    What about enabling battery save mode?

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    It's worth trying as an experiment if anyone is willing. I hate that their battery saver is an all-or-nothing one. If you could select individual items to toggle on or off, it'd be perfect. On my Samsung, there is an individual option under power saver for limiting the CPU. Worked like a charm and any increase in lag was negligible except under conditions where it demanded more (games, navigating maps, etc.), but at least you could turn it off when necessary.

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    11-15-15 09:31 AM
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    I've mentioned this elsewhere, but I had to return my Note 5 due to battery drain. For me, it was a problem with the wifi not going in to deep sleep. With Wifi off I lost about 3% an hour with light to moderate use. With Wifi on (not even necessarily connected to a network), the battery drained about 5.5% and upwards per hour. I dropped it off at T-Mo today and the store assistant couldn't believe it - it dropped 2% in a few minutes right in front of his eyes.
    The Priv has an idle battery drain, WiFi and cell up + bluetooth (in other words, all the usual stuff) in the neighborhood of 25ma.

    With a nominal 4v battery (lithium) this is right around 0.1w, which is right up the middle and where it should be.

    Other phones and their respective OSs may have had problems but this one does not in that regard.

    Data wins over conjecture.
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    11-15-15 09:35 AM
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