1. Nayanmoni's Avatar
    I am having Blackberry Priv and a Mi Phone. I bought a Mi Bluetooth headset. So the headset is working with Mi phone only, when i am trying to connect with my Priv its not happening. I tried with multiple app also but still not happening. So please help me out and suggest me some app where i can connect the Mi headset with Priv.
    09-18-17 01:39 PM
  2. Elite1's Avatar
    First off, welcome to CrackBerry!
    Please update your profile to include device, carrier, and location. This makes it easier for others to help you.

    There is no particular Bluetooth app needed, you make the Bluetooth connection via the Settings on your Priv. On your Priv's home screen, swipe down from top of screen twice to get to Quick Settings. Under the Bluetooth icon, tap the word Bluetooth with the down arrow, then select More Settings by the bottom. Hopefully you see your device under Available devices, otherwise there is a Refresh under the overflow menu (3 dots) at top right.

    You should also consult the instructions for your Bluetooth device in case there is something you need to do to put into connection mode, liking holding down a button or two which is pretty common.
    09-18-17 02:19 PM

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