1. ericwinston's Avatar
    Hi, I dropped my Priv in the toilet a while back. I tried rice and baking the moisture out but was too impatient I think. Now when I plug the charger in the flash comes on steady and the screen comes on with a list of 4 options on booting, fastboot etc. And to use the volume buttons to choose which method to start. No joy on buttons doing anything. Flash and screen go dead when unplugged. I decline to use the Google cloud. And had not found a suitable sync app to replace the great BB manager I had with all my previous phones.
    01-18-18 04:29 PM
  2. Wezard's Avatar
    You can. The question is "Will it work, without destroying the good device?" There are uTube vids on tearing the Priv down, it's not simple or easy. Let us know how it go's.

    BTW, the time to put a back up plan in place is before the crash, not after. There is no single desktop backup option for Android. There are some apps that do a fairly decent job using the SD card, that work if the SD is set up as portable. If the SD is set up as adopted, or internal, it's going to be just as dead as the phone.
    Most will also have the option to back up to the cloud of your choice.
    01-19-18 07:03 AM
  3. B1aize's Avatar
    if I were you, I would disassemble the Priv and clean some contacts with isopropyl ( in that case buttons) then Z reassemble the Priv and try.

    you don't know what is really affected in your priv so going for big changes before trying simpler methods is not the best way IMHO
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    01-19-18 08:47 AM
  4. ericwinston's Avatar
    Thank you for your suggestions. I understand the KetOne again syncs with BB software so it shouldn't be a problem like it was with the Priv. Also, I bought a 4TB "My Cloud" that will automatically back our household devices via our Wi-Fi so my stuff is not available to charge me a monthly fee. And be tempting a creative creeton. Thank you for your suggestions. Eric
    01-20-18 08:30 AM
  5. Wezard's Avatar
    KeyOne is Android, it won't sync with any BB desktop software.
    Most cloud services that claim to backup Android, do exactly what Google does, meaning no sms, no call logs and no emails. Emails are prob still on your email server so usually not an issue.
    I understand that there are a few clouds that will actually back everything up, but I've never tried any of them, so can't say for sure.
    I'm curious, what makes you think somebody else's discount priced cloud is more secure than Google's?
    01-20-18 08:34 PM

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