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    I know there are some incredibly talented folks here on Crackberry and was hoping some might come forward and help get a patch or fix to those of us with AT&T branded phones that were sold by AT&T.

    Many of us with those phones have been stuck without the custom ringtones and all calls to voicemail option since the introduction of Marshmallow.

    Blackberry fixed this issue in build AAF518 and later with the exception of AT&T branded phones that were sold by AT&T.

    Even though our phones can be unlocked they will still not get updates directly from Blackberry allowing us to fix ours.

    I have tried the most recent autoloader and still have the same issue.

    I've also tried the no sevice bug fix hoping it would allow me to get the updates directly from AT&T like some have said but it will not run on my phone.

    Blackberry and AT&T have abandoned us but it should be a fairly simple fix for those in the know since the Blackberry factory unlocked phones were fixed with a simple update and work fine on ATT.

    Can anyone please help us out? It's been over a year it's time!
    11-11-17 05:05 PM

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