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    I have multiple subcalendars in my Google calendar. Let's call them main and a, b, and c. They have all always shown up on my Priv fine, been able to add, edit, etc to any of them. Today all of a sudden, I add a new entry and a couple of my Google subcalendars (b and c) are not in the list to assign the new entry too. Existing b and c calendars are showing fine in the calendar though, but I can't add new entries to them. When I swipe right to toggle which subcalendars are supposed to show, only main and a calendars are listed....even though b and c entries ARE in my calendar. So I can't toggle b and c on or off in the calendar view. When I go farther into Settings, select my Google calendar, ALL (main,a,b,c) of the subcalendars are showing there fine.

    So the subcalendars are showing in some places and not in others within BlackBerry calendar settings, entries are all in my BlackBerry calendar, but I can't toggle some subcalendars on and off, or add to two of them. Worked fine up until today. I've rebooted soft and hard, deleted and re-added the Google account, still no change. Any ideas??

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    05-14-16 03:03 PM
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    I opened a thread yesterday with exactly the same issue... which only occures when using the Blackberry Calendar app..
    YOu can find my thread here http://forums.crackberry.com/blackbe...r-app-1074701/

    Any ideas please to solve this?
    05-26-16 01:56 PM

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