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    So, I have been excited about the Priv since the sneak peek at MWC. Mostly, the white version. The look we got from Chen was even more encouraging because the phone looked brilliant in my opinion. (No, I don't want to hear your opinions on the looks of the phones because it only causes senseless arguments) This phone, if deployed with care, very easily generate some positivity for BlackBerry. Moreover, it could push the device market to start diversifying. Truth be told, all the major flagships this year were uninspired. Every one of them was a slab that I could not bring myself to be excited about. The G4 is virtually the same as the G3. The Galaxy line has some interesting features I'd like to tinker with but LG and HTC always seem to stomp them out in the design category. However, HTC's designs aren't that much better. Now, I don't particularly like or dislike Apple but the I've always felt that there was no use in an iPhone if I wasn't willing to dive right into the ENTIRE Apple ecosystem. There would just be too many features that would be under-utilized and I'd feel the phone was a waste. Besides that, Apple still hasn't done much in the hardware side to lure me into buying their products. The Priv could change that. I think the Priv, with its decent design, touch keyboard, curved screen, and proprietary communication PC software, could push other handset makers to switch things up. Remember the Dell Venue Pro, Epic 4G, Droid, G1, Kyocera Echo, BlackBerry Style? All these had some pretty impressive designs and seemed to want to bring something unique to the market. Those of you who do remember these devices, think about how cool it felt to use them. Think about how exciting it was to discover these new pieces of technology that really stuck out in a crowd. Do you think the Priv could bring that feeling back? Do you think it can breathe some new life into the market? And, most importantly, do you think it'll be offered in white at release?

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    09-26-15 05:58 AM

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