12-26-15 10:17 PM
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    The ultimate driving experience is a bit of a stretch, nothing really special about driving beamers

    Posted via CB10
    Especially not now that they released this, a Front Wheel Drive minivan that looks like a straight clone of the Kia Rondo:
    For BlackBerry Priv's price a can buy this!-bmw_serie_2_active_tourer_003.jpg

    All while their old ads are like this:
    For BlackBerry Priv's price a can buy this!-bmw-front-wheel-drive-fwd.jpg
    12-13-15 03:43 PM
  2. moegh's Avatar

    12-13-15 05:36 PM
  3. ViggenZ's Avatar
    Funny game, lets see... for the price of Priv you could also get a Rear Spoiler for Alfa Romeo 4C.
    12-14-15 06:14 AM
  4. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    OP, I'm not sure what your motive is.

    If you want a non-chinese, well-built device, with the world's only capacitive touch physical keyboard, then get a Priv. If you don't, then don't.

    Cheers, conite! :-D

    Take your pick!

    For BlackBerry Priv's price a can buy this!-img_20151227_135110.jpg

      There's a Crack in the Berry right now...  
    12-26-15 10:17 PM
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