1. dollarscholar's Avatar
    My Blackberry priv was almost brand new, bought it last month from ebay for $149. It sits on my desk as an extra phone. I saw the screen give a message that it was heating up and would shut down for precaution or whatever it said. Then it would never turn back on, except if I held all buttons it would go to the menu screen to boot, but would shut back off. When charging it was a RED solid light.

    So I bought a new battery for it, bought the Torx Tool set because you need a T5 screwdriver to get the old battery out, and I put new battery in.

    But still no luck. Now it's just a constant white exclaimation mark when I plug it in to charge.

    If I hold all buttons down, I can get the boot menu, and it goes to my homepage, but 0% battery and says shutting down before I can do anything, it shuts down.

    Anyone know what to try next? Since its not the battery, what part needs to be replaced?

    If it isn't worth or able to be repaired, how can I get the images off of it? It doesn't stay on long enough to transfer them out by connecting to laptop. . . .if I take it apart, is the internal memory an sd card that I can remove and connect to an adapter flash drive? Or how can I get the pics off?

    Please let me know! Prefer to repair it. What part would be causing this!?

    See pics below

    Blackberry Priv - Screen shows White Exclamation Mark-img_20180106_1612346.jpg
    Blackberry Priv - Screen shows White Exclamation Mark-img_20180106_2352138.jpg
    Blackberry Priv - Screen shows White Exclamation Mark-img_20180106_2353312.jpg
    Blackberry Priv - Screen shows White Exclamation Mark-img_20180106_2353322.jpg
    Blackberry Priv - Screen shows White Exclamation Mark-img_20180106_2353383.jpg
    01-07-18 06:23 AM
  2. G_Unit MVP's Avatar
    Assuming the new battery is ok, you should probably re-check the connection to the mainboard, you also should turn it on before reassembling the device to see if moving the connector around fixes some issue there.
    01-08-18 09:22 AM
  3. Anaik17's Avatar
    Hello! I'm having the same issue with a new priv battery (listing all the same specs as original, but looks smaller) & showing exclamation point... any new advice on this?
    10-14-19 03:27 PM

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