1. TERDIE's Avatar
    How can we do a backup of our phones?
    I want to go switch back to my passport atleast for now...
    sooo much problems happening with PRIV atm. , Slow delayed emails, camera freezing, phone getting hot.
    losing charge fast, corner of left side is clicking.. etc.
    12-28-15 09:41 AM
  2. Jonneh's Avatar
    Since Blackberry wanted it more secure, we can't really root and use apps like Titanium Backup.
    But, in the settings of your Priv, there's a page called "Backup & reset" which has it automatically backing up your app data (if the app is modern and coded for it - if not, you should pester the dev to work on that), settings, etc to Google. And your contacts should automatically be part of Google (go to gmail.com and at the top left where it says "gmail" with a little arrow, click that and go to "Contacts". All should be listed there).

    As far as media goes, I would personally transfer photos, videos, anything you've downloaded to the Priv over to a PC just to be safe. However, if you're plugged in to ALL-GOOGLE-ALL-DA-TIMEz, then Google Photos already has automatic private backups of your photos, Google Music already has your music taken care of, etc.

    P.S: Have you thought of a factory reset on the Priv?
    12-28-15 11:52 AM

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