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    I have a BlackBerry Priv and use GoDaddy's exchange server. My email, calendar, and contacts are through Outlook (Microsoft 365). I have nearly 4,500 contacts.

    Android's OS update in 2017 corrupted many of my contact files (they were backed up). To prevent the problem from occurring again, we backed up Outlook and deleted it from my BlackBerry before allowing Android to update the OS. When we re-installed Outlook, the email and calendar synced just fine, but my contacts did not.

    The solution I found was to activate BlackBerry Hub under Settings. I did so, and my contacts appeared, but at least some of them are corrupted. For example, info in the Notes field is missing and the text formatting has changed. Further, the default email address changed (for one person, it changed to a company that they haven't worked with for more than 10 years; that older email address had been only in the Notes field).

    Does anyone have suggestions on (1) how to fix this vexing problem and (2) why it's happening?

    Thank you for your help!

    07-30-18 08:31 AM

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