1. plasticblock's Avatar
    My BlackBerry is in boot loop with this triangle-circle-rectangle animation.
    Then Android logo with shield appears and animation is replaying again, then it appears again

    Blackberry Priv - Android 6.0 - Latest Update

    I've tried to use fast boot, by holding power button and volume down button, but when I select "Reboot into fastboot" screen just flashes and I see the same menu again :|

    My phone has PIN requirement on boot up, I see the screen, I've tried to boot in Safe Mode but nothing had changed.

    Holding Power Button and Volume Up button shows broken Android logo and message with text "Error", no useful information from that.

    In a hope that someone had this issue before, I'm starting this thread
    Hope someone could help me to boot this device or at least copy my data from it.

    Thank you
    12-25-18 03:56 PM
  2. RLeeSimon's Avatar
    just enter the boot menu and try selecting "boot normally"
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    12-26-18 01:12 PM
  3. plasticblock's Avatar
    How can I do this?
    12-27-18 06:18 AM
  4. RLeeSimon's Avatar
    power and down volume key held together and boot menu will show... select "boot normally" or "continue normally" ...choose using vol up/down keys and press power key to select... should reboot
    12-27-18 06:50 AM
  5. plasticblock's Avatar
    Did it several times, nothing changed
    But, after holding power button more than 30 secs, message "3 out of 7 applications are optimizing" stated to appear, but after process finish, i again see triangle, circle and box animation and then again, it shows applications optimizing message...
    12-27-18 08:47 AM

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