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    Hi, I made this thread because im interested in seeing eachother PRIV best battery life and screen time screenshot (since last full charge) you can also share your tips and tricks you used if any for achieving the most out of the Priv Battery, Maybe it can help some people and also were gonna be able to see if their any improvement on battery life with future updates by comparing them. Thanks!

    inlude with your screenshot the model and last system uptade ex: stv100-3 with 6.0.1

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    06-25-16 04:54 PM
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    I always get nervous when my Priv gets to 50% or so. Am I the only one like that? Of course, I'm also the person who panics whenever the car gets to a qtr of a tank.
    06-25-16 05:55 PM
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    Youre not the only one. I rarely let battery get below 60% the way I use my device, if there is a charge around, I would rather keep it full than to use battery and wear it out

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    06-25-16 06:24 PM

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