10-23-15 05:26 PM
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  1. undone's Avatar
    Hope they don't build a lot of inventory of the Priv....because they are going to have to write off a sh*t ton of it!!
    09-24-15 07:02 AM
  2. slade632's Avatar
    Well at least it tells the Consumer the phone is about privacy...

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    09-24-15 07:06 AM
  3. yhamaie's Avatar
    Well at least it tells the Consumer the phone is about privacy...
    The name might imply more privilege than privacy.




    Android Security Internals: An In-Depth Guide to Android's Security Architecture by Nikolay Elenkov

    Chapter 1 - Android's Security Model


    On the highest level of the stack are applications (or apps), which are the programs that users directly interact with. While all apps have the same structure and are built on top of the Android framework, we distinguish between system apps and user-installed apps.

    System Apps

    System apps are included in the OS image, which is read-only on production devices (typically mounted as /system), and cannot be uninstalled or changed by users. Therefore, these apps are considered secure and are given many more privileges than user-installed apps. System apps can be part of the core Android OS or can simply be preinstalled user applications, such as email clients or browsers. While all apps installed under /system were treated equally in earlier versions of Android (except by OS features that check the app signing certificate), Android 4.4 and higher treat apps installed in /system/priv-app/ as privileged applications and will only grant permissions with protection level signatureOrSystem to privileged apps, not to all apps installed under /system. Apps that are signed with the platform signing key can be granted system permissions with the signature protection level, and thus can get OS-level privileges even if they are not preinstalled under /system.

    While system apps cannot be uninstalled or changed, they can be updated by users as long as the updates are signed with the same private key, and some can be overridden by user-installed apps. For example, a user can choose to replace the preinstalled application launcher or input method with a third-party application.

    User-Installed Apps

    User-installed apps are installed on a dedicated read-write partition (typically mounted as /data) that hosts user data and can be uninstalled at will. Each application lives in a dedicated security sandbox and typically cannot affect other applications or access their data. Additionally, apps can only access resources that they have explicitly been granted a permission to use. Privilege separation and the principle of least privilege are central to Androidís security model, and we will explore how they are implemented in the next section.
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    09-24-15 07:08 AM
  4. earlym's Avatar
    Horrible name for anything! They just can't seem to get it right. Who consults you (that you pay) for a name like this? Geesh!

    Go BB!
    09-24-15 07:12 AM
  5. SunshineStateFlyer's Avatar
    If I do buy this phone, I just won't call it the priv. Will call it the "new" blackberry.
    Fwi my friends still ask me when they see my Q10 if that is the "new" BlackBerry.
    No other company can produce phones and still have them being thought as new 3 years later. Lol.

    Q10 on
    Haha, this is actually so true.

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    09-24-15 07:18 AM
  6. earlym's Avatar
    Wow! What a disappointment! At a time when BB needs to be seen as "cool" it chooses the mot horrible name in existence. I can't believe a focus group like this name. If the name were popular in the states (first) there may be a chance for it worldwide. With this name, no North American in his/her right mind is gonna want to rave about the "Priv"!

    Wow BB!

    Go BB...anyway!
    09-24-15 07:19 AM
  7. prithvi64's Avatar
    To me, it looks like truly corporate name "Privy". I like its branding since much better than "Slider" or "Venice".
    09-24-15 07:26 AM
  8. edmazaker's Avatar
    never been so dissapointed at this company...lost all my excitement...word priv looks ugly, sounds ugly, no matter how u pronounce this thing its still ugly, blackberry phones are already the **** of all jokes but had great names at least, except leap...this name is so gay!! like gay priv!! wow what were they thinking??

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    09-24-15 07:48 AM
  9. RyanGermann's Avatar
    My reaction to this name:


    At least they could spell it "Prīv"

    and for posterity, my (enhanced) musings from the CrackBerry News posting...

    ...but running Android undermines the Privacy aspect of the device (the "Priv") so "Priv" really isn't an apt name... but BlackBerry IS putting in extra security features in the device so a much better name is:

    wait for it....


    I know you didn't have to wait because it's obviously the right name.

    ...and when you go to a store to ask about inventory you can say "did you get any Secs?"

    Then you could offer to let someone try your device by saying "Here, take my Secs."

    And you could ask to try someone else's device by saying "Give me your Secs"

    Positive reviews would say "The Secs is hot" or "I like Secs alot" or "Secs is great" and "I've had Secs for a whole week now and I'm not tired of it at all".

    And in the store when you're offered a Galaxy S6, you might say "Lets have the Galaxy"... so for this new BlackBerry, you'd say "Let's have the Secs".

    The Tagline could be "Phone. Secs".

    With online shopping you can "Get Secs online".

    If you're ever attacked and you poke your attacker in the eye with your phone, you could say "I use Secs as a weapon".

    If you're French, you can show your Secs to your mecs.

    I did a box mockup, too. It's the Secs Box.

    BlackBerry Priv?-blackberry_secsbox.jpg

    It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.
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    09-24-15 07:51 AM
  10. ToniCipriani's Avatar
    If I do buy this phone, I just won't call it the priv. Will call it the "new" blackberry.
    Fwi my friends still ask me when they see my Q10 if that is the "new" BlackBerry.
    No other company can produce phones and still have them being thought as new 3 years later. Lol.

    Q10 on
    When the average Joe sees you with:

    - keyboard open -> "BlackBerry"
    - keyboard closed -> "iPhone" or "Android" or "Galaxy".

    I bet Z10, Z30 and Z3 people are getting that all the time. Back then with my Pre I either got "BlackBerry" or "dumb phone".
    09-24-15 07:57 AM
  11. JRM1014's Avatar
    leap and now priv.......i think they all need to see a shrink, this path of self destructive behavior needs to stop the "glide" had a flowness to it
    09-24-15 07:58 AM
  12. deadcowboy's Avatar
    Woah, Visa would have been a good name. Didn't know that was a rumor. And leaving it Venice would have been awesome. The city codenames should have stuck, they're cool.

    Priv is really weird. No obvious pronunciation. Easily misspoken as "Perv". Even the idea of Private is weird. Is it supposed to be privacy or privvy? This name is really the worst thing i've ever heard of.

    Honestly has me second guessing this phone. "Do I really want an Android phone anymore...maybe I'm fine with my Passport." Good job BlackBerry, making me, a locked sale, question if I even want this phone anymore.

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    09-24-15 07:59 AM
  13. ToniCipriani's Avatar
    I was about to post the same thing - Who wants to buy a phone named after a slang word for the toilet?
    Stylize the name with the long ī, like how Prē did back then.
    09-24-15 08:06 AM
  14. bb10adopter111's Avatar
    Is patenting law so stupid as to patent a word in the dictionary?

    I understand there would be a issue if it's called BlackBerry Nvidia Shield (which obviously it won't) but how can there be an issue of calling it BlackBerry Shield since it boots up with the image of a android robot with a Shield.

    Posted via CB10
    Patent law has nothing to do with trade names. The issue is trademark protection, and you can certainly use words in the dictionary in trademarks, but the protections are narrow. Nvidia probably could not prevent BlackBerry from using Shield.

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    09-24-15 08:11 AM
  15. mmveets's Avatar
    How did we get to Priv already?
    Did I miss the phones named Pri, Prii, and Priii? ;-)

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    09-24-15 08:11 AM
  16. jonduran86's Avatar
    Sounds chic.

    Dumb name IMO
    09-24-15 08:12 AM
  17. yhamaie's Avatar
    Now officially named 'priv' in CB forums..
    I would prefer a name like BlackBerry Pride so that we may take pride in sporting the new device.

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    09-24-15 08:14 AM
  18. Lauriecad's Avatar
    Adding just one letter and making it


    would make it so different
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    09-24-15 08:14 AM
  19. deadcowboy's Avatar
    Sounds chic.

    Dumb name IMO
    Or schit.

    Posted via CB10
    09-24-15 08:14 AM
  20. deadcowboy's Avatar
    Stylize the name with the long ī, like how Prē did back then.
    This is what I was thinking too. If you placed the line overtop to make it a hard I, it might make more sense. Still stupid, but slightly better than Perv.

    Posted via CB10
    09-24-15 08:15 AM
  21. EuthanasiaUK's Avatar
    This better just be Blackberry having a sick sense of humour, messing with the fanboys just before launch. If it's not, then how epically stupid do you have to be? Why risk turning people off with the name?
    09-24-15 08:18 AM
  22. yhamaie's Avatar
    Sounds chic.
    It might sound chic in the other industries.


    BlackBerry Priv?-img_20150924_094013.png

    Posted via CB10
    09-24-15 08:21 AM
  23. lnichols's Avatar
    Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory... please say it ain't so.
    That has been the BlackBerry way for years now!

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    09-24-15 08:25 AM
  24. lnichols's Avatar
    Stylize the name with the long ī, like how Prē did back then.
    Then they should have went with Prix, and maybe add the word Grand in front, and tie it in with the F1 sponsorship for advertising. Their is no way this name ends well. It's like Chen thought that he had to make an Android device to shut up these ***** Android evangelists so he'll do everything he can to sabotage this thing, like he did with Bb10, to kill off handsets once and for all but make it look like he tried.

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    09-24-15 08:30 AM
  25. shuabert's Avatar
    If I get this and it's called "Priv", I'm going to pronounce it P.R. Four, which is ridiculous but the lesser of three evils.

    Posted via CB10
    09-24-15 08:33 AM
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