1. Chris Pruc's Avatar
    Blackberry should try and work with Google and and build the next nexus Google phone. This will help them build there reputation back with non blackberry fans.

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    12-19-15 11:03 PM
  2. crucial bbq's Avatar
    Andy Rubin is looking to start a smartphone company to specifically build the best handsets built for Android and if anyone can do it best it should be that guy. Supposedly he is in talks with Google and as the rumor goes is likely to take over the Nexus line with his own brand.

    So why not BlackBerry, too? Well, the Nexus phones are about as pure Android as one get if you removed the stock AOSP apps and replaced them with GApps (browser, email, SMS, calendar, etc.) and tossed in the Android Pay platform (is this a part of AOSP or a Google product?) and GServices. Perhaps they could do a Nexus with a pkb but they'd have to leave out the Hub, BB ID, BB Services, BBM, BB Launcher, and so on. Of course all of those could be installed by the user but at the end of the day would it really be a BlackBerry?
    12-19-15 11:33 PM

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