1. Bernard75's Avatar
    As a long term BB10 user, i switched from Passport to Priv. What a difference.... I still like BB10 more then Android....
    The questions i have now BB10 vs Priv, i hope to receive some help

    Back-up with BB10 was easy: with Blackberry Link. Now i see so much seperate solutions that i don't know what to do.
    I would like to back-up the emails ans SMS from hub, apps and all the other things Blackberry Link could back-up.
    What program/app to use? Or is Blackberry coming with a back-up function without the need of Google Drive?

    Is it correct that i can not use the back up function if i don't have/want a Gmail account?? I see way to much Google things in the Priv....

    About privacy, i cannot imagine that you have a safe privacy protected device when you use Google Drive as back-up.....
    07-31-16 03:23 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Since I use Gmail in any event, obviously, my email is backed up. I also threw in the towel a few years ago and let them have my contacts and calendar although I do feel queasy about those last two. I had tried Verizon's backup but it really screwed up my Contacts - I was left with only ONE after it synced. I did use Fire-something for calendar and contacts on bb10 and that was pretty good.

    There was an app that folks were using to transfer sms messages (if more than 3,500) from bb10 to the Priv. I don't know if it also backs up on the Priv and don't know what format/cloud it may use. I don't really text so it is not much of an issue.

    On the Priv, you will have some issues trying to acquire Apps if you don't do Google's Playstore but there are some 3rd party "stores" although some folks don't trust one of the big ones since it is out of China! But there are apps that can backup apk files manually.

    Email, well, depend on your carrier and keep them on their server for as many as it will store.

    Hopefully, someone will have better answers but the Priv is an Android phone and that means it is hard to keep google out of your business.
    07-31-16 09:19 AM

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