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    Digital River said my Priv was going to ship yesterday, but still no email confirmation (thanks!). Anyway... I decided to visit my local ATT store and check out the Priv while waiting for my order to arrive. After using with the Priv for about 2 hours... I walked away feeling... confused.

    I think Blackberry screwed itself by making a device as f'n awesome as the Passport. At the end of the day... the Priv is a really cool Android device. The problem is that the general public has been led to believe 1) Android is an amazing OS... and 2) BB10 is not. However, nothing is further from the truth... and walking away feeling a bit "blah" about the Priv is by no means a slam on Priv... it just feels like a step backwards. The thought of any Android device (even an Android Passport) no longer appeals to be so much. In fact, I would choose a Z30 over the Priv right now.. and the Passport is in a different league all together.

    It's really a shame that BB10 did not catch on with the general public. It's really weird how consumerism works... with the classic example of Betamax being better than VHS, yet VHS wins. I guess in a few years when BB10 is gone... we'll all be forced to choose between IOS and Android. Whatever. I think I'll keep my Passport and give my Priv away to a family member who is an avid Android fan... who actually used the Priv and thought it was amazing.
    11-07-15 07:51 AM

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