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    Is it perhaps possible to customize the right swipe gesture within the hub to make it work like the iPhone's mail program or even better like the pop-up that you get when swiping to delete?

    I have set the right swipe to delete from hub and/or server.
    However when swiping to the right I currently only see:

    File to.
    * Inbox.
    * Open all folders.
    It's tiresome to click on "open all folders" and "all mail" (Gmail) or my own created archive folders in Gmail/Yahoo every single time.

    Ideally, one would have an option to automatically file it in a pre-selected folder or see the last 3 used folders in list view of which you can click on the one you prefer.

    Under general settings there is also no method to customize the "File" settings in this regard.
    03-10-16 09:21 AM

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