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    About the BlackBerry Content Transfer app.

    For example: Let say you (As a user) don't like to work with BlackBerry Priv as daily smartphone driver on daily bases and you prefer and wants to go back with transfering your recent created data (Which is stored on the BB Priv) to your previous BlackBerry 10 (ONX) device.

    Question 1: Is it possible or impossible to use with BlackBerry Content Transfer app to do it?

    Question 2: If not, should you use and work with another app named Device Switch on both devices for transfering the created data?

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    11-05-15 07:50 PM
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    11-05-15 07:51 PM
  3. Uzi's Avatar
    11-05-15 07:51 PM
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    An additional question, will it transfer clash of clans data over to the priv?

    Previously when I backed up one blackberry 10 device and restored it to another blackberry 10 device my clash of clans account was transferred along with it.. I hope it will be the same cuz I can't log in with my Gmail account

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    11-05-15 07:55 PM
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    The app has just been updated in BB world
    11-05-15 08:01 PM
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    Can anyone provide the .BAR? A family member's Passport is locked out of BlackBerry World and it can't be downloaded.
    11-08-15 08:37 PM
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    I have had a huge problem with the content transfer apps that caused the hub not to work. I called in a case in this and we narrowed down to the content app. I have posted the below:

    If you imported using the BlackBerry content transfer apprehend that is the problem.

    Wipe device. Start fresh. Don't resort from backup.

    Update all BlackBerry apps prior to adding accounts in hub.

    Add account.

    Set sync email to anything but forever.

    Test and see what happens.

    I have logged a case on this and posted a thread and multiple responses on CB.

    The BlackBerry second tier rep suggested that I use the device transfer app which is different the the content transfer app. But after 3 times wiping the device and getting the same broken result I said no.

    Log a case ticket. BlackBerry knows about it. It is a big deal if the app doesn't work because thousands of people may need to use it. I have had a few other posters do what I have said above and they have had positive results.

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    11-08-15 08:44 PM

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