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    When BlackBerry laid off 200 of the Venice dev team, did they also include the web development team? On the recently updated BlackBerry corporate home page, you can see the new Priv ads. In my opinion, the ads look like it was done last minute by an underpaid intern on MS paint. The font doesn't match BB's existing corporate font scheme (looks really out of place on the homepage), and there's nothing on the ads that really show what the phone's about. It just has ambiguous wording like:

    "privacy by priv" (trying to justify the ridiculous name)
    "blackberry for all" (anyone remember #TidalForAll)
    with pictures of the phone next to it.

    The caption "We are about to change the way you see Blackberry forever" just looks ridiculously vanilla and generic with the lame font scheme under the even lamer picture of the glass weave back or whatever that is.
    If BlackBerry wants to show what's coming, I think they need some better keywords that are less ambiguous and stirs up some better excitement. Some of my own humble suggestions would be:

    "BlackBerry Security for Work + Android for Play = Priv", "Not just a keyboard. It's smarter than that", "The Keyboard is back! But only when you need it." or even, "See what we've been up to while you've been gone" with some better shots of the phone.
    Maybe even have ACDC's Back in Black playing in the background. Maybe not. But still, anything that could stir up more excitement because if the future of this phone determines the future of BlackBerry's hardware division, a simple MS paint job isn't going to suffice.
    I'm no marketing expert, but just my two cents on the matter. Feel free to chime in on what you guys think.
    09-28-15 07:30 PM
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    http://forums.crackberry.com/general...berry-1040344/ <-- Hop in the existing chat.
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    09-28-15 07:31 PM

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