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    I am still getting used to the Android OS and can't figure out a way to share/ send my calendar events.

    On my previous Q10 a simple share option. I know there must be something I am missing.

    Has anyone been able to figure this out?

    01-27-17 06:35 PM
  2. gizmo21's Avatar
    * Sending invitations in BlackBerry calendar (ICS files):
    I think it all depends if your calendar account is directly related to an mail account on the same provider. If an mail account is connected you get the typical share icon in upper right after event created and can sometimes even add attendees right on event creation [+] with person-icon: http://help.blackberry.com/en/calend...881018736.html

    In my case:
    * Google gives me both options
    * real Exchange work server gives me both options
    * home EAS account without Mailserver it only gives me the event creation possibility but then it can't send the invitation as it doesn't have the right mail account to send from (this could also be the case I guess with caldav connected accounts but that's speculation)

    In my other calendar app (acalendar) it is possible to share any event in calendar by simply tapping share>file with hub an can send an plain ics.

    >>>>> So BlackBerry here it would be nice if we get (not there at least in 1.4.x) the possibility to send/share an simple ICS with any of our mailaccounts that are there in our hub also from calendars that have no mailaccount connected <<<<<<

    And another limitation seems to be that the receiving mail address has to be in your contacts and can't be an spontaneously entered mail address an attendee tells you in that moment. Update: no that's only if you press [+], but if you just enter it in the text area it works with unknown addresses too.

    * Receiving invitations (ICS files on hub):
    On top the receiving mailaccount (if it is recieved on android blackberry hub) also has to be able to read the invitation mail and has an calendar account connected. If not you can only read/reply the invitation mail but can not add it to an calendar
    The hub sees an ICS file attached and then switches to some kind of invitation screen which in case of a simple IMAP mailaccount can't be added to a calendar.

    >>>>>Please BlackBerry fix that an simple IMAP account can also add an event to a calendar of my choice (at least on hub/calendar 1.4.x it doesn't work).<<<<<

    My other mailapp (K9 mailer) simply shows those BlackBerry calendar created invitation mails as mails with ICS files attached and so I can import them to any calendar.
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    01-27-17 09:34 PM
  3. pjoerge@gmail.com's Avatar
    How can I share calender entries from my passport tobmy priv or opposite from priv to passport?
    03-07-17 07:20 AM
  4. FF22's Avatar
    How can I share calender entries from my passport tobmy priv or opposite from priv to passport?
    If you sync your Calendar (contacts) with something like Google or Outlook or Yahoo, then you should be able to use the same method on both devices.

    As a matter of fact, I have two Priv's and my Z30 (it works with Blend) and all three devices sync and share calendar data between them. As a matter of fact, the same info is also shared with my Samsung Tab S.

    Of course, that means relinquishing your calendar (and privacy) to one of those cloud services.
    03-07-17 09:25 AM

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