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    While I love my Blackberry Classic, which I bought recently because I felt I wanted to keep a BB as a souvenir, the first thing I noticed is that my Sony Z3 with stupid Lollipop (I prefreed Kitkat) beats hands down my BB in terms of speed and efficiency. And I know that BBOS10 is older than Android Lollipop.

    Everything on the Sony is much faster, opening/closing an app, taking a photo/screenshot, locking/unlocking the phone, turning off/on the phone, opening the music player, etc...
    I reckon I feel very limited on my BB Classic.
    Minimizing an app is so 2010ish, I rather leave and close the app (for example the music player) and allow/let it to run in the background.

    On the other hand, besides privacy and security, BB10OS is much more stable and mature than Android.
    Obviously, my choice goes to BB10OS, even though I know that I have sacrificed easiness and convenience.
    But that's my choice anyway.

    BB hard core fans, instead of speculating about Android, why not ask advanced/experienced/techy Android users to share their experience and knowledge with you.

    Besides the app gap that plagues BB10OS, typing on a touch screen can be as fast as typing on a keyboard.
    I had to readapt to using a keyboard on BB.

    All phone OS have their strength and weakeness.
    People buy a phone according to their tastes, needs and requirements, regardless of the OS.
    Large availibity and choice of apps also impacts on the buyers' decision.

    It is a myth to believe that work cannot be done on Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.
    You just have to adapt and learn how to use the apps properly.
    People constantly on the move due to their job requirements need to have all their work synched on the phone as well.

    In 2015, if they don't have to, people will rather carry around a smartphone and a tablet, instead of a more expensive and heavier work laptop.
    If you need to quickly check and modify a Word, Excel or Powerpoint document, you can do that on the phone.

    Despite my love for BB Classic and BB10OS, I feel it is an outdated OS and that even Blackberry Hub is not so special.
    The notification system on Android is much faster and you can turn off/block any app's notification if you want to.
    There are also third party apps that give you complete control over notifications.

    Even if Blackberry had unlimited financial ressources to maintain, update and upgrade BB10OS, they would need to seriously rethink the entire OS. The OS would need to be modernized drastically, to make it a lot more faster, more user friendly and easy to use to appeal for a wider audience.
    The average user will not spend more than few a minutes to set up his phone in the Settings menu.

    Most people seem to forget that Apple has long understood that easiness and simplicity is what sells best.
    Unless interested, as long as the phone works, takes great pictures, the sound is great and there is a large selection of apps, most people don't care about their phone's specs.

    Same applies to computers.
    Why ask or even force non technical people to work with the console? Knowing that some will simply not understand what they are doing.
    Ask a developper to be an expert in sewing, a doctor to be a pro in knitting, etc... To each their own skills and own talents.

    Blackberry Priv is on my optional future purchase list and I am quite curious to see how it performs in everyday life.
    I have yet to check Windows Phone 10 as well as iPhone.
    As I like testing different pc and phone OS and benefit from them.
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    You make some good points. Everyone needs to see what's on the other side before they say it won't work. It is very hard to remember that, though, when you are very happy with your device, no matter what platform it is on!
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    Ah well another person who has knocked BB10, but still comes to Crackberry to say how awesome android is. Glad to hear you are happy with android, I am happy with BB10, it does what I want it to do and I don't need the fiddly bits that you do. But, hey what do I know, I am just another Joe with an opinion!! Enjoy what you have, I will enjoy both my BB10 phones. Xx

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