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    Blackberry on Android. Who would have ever imagined that five years ago?
    Sadly, it seems as though as Gooogle has won over the digital world.

    I have reads comments on BBM and other social media outlets regarding Blackberry Priv.

    I have been on Android for the past three years, have owned a Blackberry Bold 9000 and am currently on Blackberry Classic.
    While I have really enjoyed all my clocks, my encyclopedia (Britannica) and my dictionaries (Merriam Webster, Oxford Dictionary) on Android, what worries me is not Blackberry going as well on Android, it the very principle and foundation of privacy and security.

    I will explain why.

    Blackberry could be the first and last standing stone in the mobile world to protect our privacy and precious information (be it personal or professional).

    The world seems to have a love and hate relationship with Google, Facebook and all those companies that sell our data.
    At the same time, it seems fascinated and envious how fast Google, Facebook and others have turned into ultra profitable companies, and on the other hand it hates them too.

    Google, Facebook, etc... are, in fact, in the grey line when referring to law in real life.
    In real life, it is illegal for a person or a company to go house from house, building to building, knock on the door and ask for everyone's information (name, date of birth, phone number, names of grand-parents, cousins, relatives, friends, coworkers, pictures of everyone)... and then sell it to advertising companies.

    Which is exactly what Google, Facebook and others have been doing for years now.

    Since our laws in the world, in all countries, and lawmakers are slow to adapt and update laws to today's society, Google, Facebook and others will have many more beautiful days to sell our data.

    Ethically speaking, I don't think it is right to build a business based on selling peoples' information and data.
    A business model that Google, Facebook and others have adopted and fully embraced.

    Blackberry and its failure

    In order to bring in cash revenue and keep their position, Blackberry, like all other phone makers, should have jumped on the Android wagon as well for the consumer market years ago. But the whole company failed to address that.
    Giving the choice for consummers to buy a Blackberry phone with a Pure Blackberry OS or a Blackberry Android.

    We have seen these last two-three years how Blackberry crumbled.

    The Android world is very fierce and competitive, and the name Blackberry itself will not suffice, given the plethoria of smart phone choices.
    And the consumer market is fast paced and versatile.

    Consumer Brand

    Blackberry should have given two distinctive names for its devices.
    For example: Blackberry Classic for the business market and: Blackberry Enhance for the consumer market.
    Then Blakcberry Enhance 1, 2, 3, etc...

    Consumer devices should have embraced the latest technologies: hardware, software, apps and so on.
    At least two consumer models should have been released yearly.


    While some people believe that a name does not impact on the device itself, a good, pleasent and easy to remember name does help potential customers remember the phone and later buy it. In marketing sales, the name will either boost sales or kill the product itself.

    Blackberry should also market low end Android phones, launching them in developping countries.
    There is a very big potential in those markets to reach millions of users and Blackberry should consider this option too.


    While I am not a computer scientist, nor a developper and neither a security expert, Android OS is not designed or built around privacy and security. An ultra secure and private OS must be built from the grounds up.

    Black Phone, which is an altered version of Android, has been trying to fix Android for two years now.

    Samsung has tried to distance itelf from Google and Android for three years and sells Samsung Tizen phones, but due to risk losing a huge profit in terms of billions, it had to continue making Android phones.

    Samsung Tizen phones are currently sold in Asia.

    Blackberry and its future success

    On the contrary of what some might believe, Blackberry is not betraying Blackberry fans and users by going on Android.
    Since Android, along with IOS, dominate the mobile market, Blackberry is only using this phone OS to bring in cash revenue, helping the company to survive and thus continue existing.

    Blackberry likes Blackberry only.
    When, as a company, it has successed in making the most secure and private phone OS in the world, why would it love Android?
    Android is just a free tool to help it go through the storm.

    Blackberry only failed in adapting itself to the new mobile landscape, failed to modernize its company structure and failed to properly market its devices.
    So did Microsoft with Windows Phone.

    But Blackberry as a phone OS has succeeced well beyond world's expections in terms of security and privacy.

    I wish Blackberry all success in their future endavours and hope that their Blackberry Android phones will sell well, even though I am more of a Pure Blackberry Phone OS only.

    Android can be fun to use for a while, there are many quality apps as well, but in the long term... Blackberry wins in terms of OS maturity, stability, privacy and security.

    Finally, if Blackberry is forced to stop its mobile business due to poor sales, it will mean the end of a secure and private phone OS for the public consummers.
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    Google only has half the digital world. Apple has the other half.

    Of course, that's only limited to the mobile world.

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    09-27-15 06:43 PM
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    Of course.
    09-27-15 06:53 PM
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    I think it's the right move and just might draw some former users back to the brand. The major factor is going to be the price?

    Blackberry can't command the top end dollar for their devices anymore and I sure hope the folks of there in Waterloo get it right?
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    09-27-15 08:09 PM
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    Yes you are right and I agree.

    It is a beautiful dream and we can keep hoping, sadly reality speaks and Blackberry is no longer a symbol in the mobile world and mobile market.
    Blackberry sales have droped dramatically in the past years and the people still using Blackberry devices are either professionals (forced by their enterprise or government agency. Although their personal Smart phone is either an iPhone or an Android) or people like you, me, and others who still value the brand and the devices, and who still care about their privacy and security.

    Most people in the world have already accepted the fact that everything on an technological device is not private and that everyone can be hacked.
    So they falsly blelieve that privacy and security is no longeer their concern.

    Plus the entire world has deicded to go the cheap and easy way: free.
    There is a price to pay for everything free.
    No more privacy and a lot less security.
    Less quality and less mature operating system.
    No support in the service.

    Most want free apps for communicating (Facebook Messenger, Viber, Voxer, What's App and so on), while these services provide a certain a level of reliability for texting and calling, they only harvest our contacts, photos, etc... on our Smart phones, then sell our data.

    But users rather spare a couple of dollars, euros per month on their mobile plan, which I can understand, when their plan is not unlimited and their household budget is tight. The endless circle of poverty is also a factor for chosing a free phone OS and cheap low end Smart phones.

    Without their phone plan and the device being subsidized by the carrier, few can actually afford to pay upfront the full retail price for a high end Smart phone.

    What the world should really realise is that by having chosen the road to everything free, we have already given up on our freedom, privacy and security.

    The reason why I don't want Blackberry to vanish the mobile landscape horizon, is not because I am a hardcore fan (even though I am not), is not because of its glorious past days, it is because of the level of privacy and security it can provide to its users, the quality, stability and maturity of the OS.

    Privacy and security are basic fundamental rights that the world should still care about.
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    Blackberry Enhance for the consumer market.
    Then Blakcberry Enhance 1, 2, 3, etc...
    09-28-15 07:16 AM
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    Another fact to consider is that a lot of people's "privacy" is willingly given up by the way that they choose to provide their information to the services that they use. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and all of these types of social networking sites do not have their users privacy anywhere near the top of their priorities.

    The average user doesn't really care too much to give up a large portion of their privacy just to 'keep up' with everyone else. It's part of the shift that everyone has been going along with for sometime now.

    John Chen / BlackBerry has stated that they are still committed to the BB10 platform and we have to believe them because there is still a need for that level of security. But, along with that security, you sacrifice some of the services that you can access. Not only because the developers aren't there but because it's not always possible to have both.

    BlackBerry 10 isn't going to stop functioning as well as it already does but we may see the compatibility of Android applications start to degrade as they already are in some cases. The consumer market has a "I want it all" mentality and that isn't sustainable. But BlackBerry, as a company, doesn't have much choice but to adapt to what the market is showing that it prefers. The Android powered Priv is the right move for BlackBerry to make. They already planned to bring the core features of BB10 to Android and will eventually bring them to iOS as well. The software that will be packaged with the Priv will essentially be the beta version of the software that will be available to all in the near future. Just like how the Passport launched with 10.3 before the rest of the BB10 devices had it available, the Priv will be the live beta for their Android Suite of BlackBerry apps.
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    Thank you for your reply. I agree.
    09-28-15 08:20 AM

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