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    I don't like how tall this phone is with Chrome's UI. Why have the address bar and what not at the top?

    Is there a browser as good as Chrome with a better UI?

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    11-10-15 08:04 PM
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    11-11-15 06:41 AM
  3. donnation's Avatar
    I like Firefox better than Chrome. I've always loathed the Chrome browser on Android phones. The Firefox browser still has the address bar at the top but it has some nice extensions like AdBlock that you can install that work really well. I also find it much faster than Chrome as well.

    I really wish BB would have ported their browser to use on the Priv but maybe there was an issue in doing it. I've used Samsung and HTC Android phones in the past and they have their own browsers and I thought maybe BB would bring theirs over. Maybe eventually they will.
    11-11-15 06:46 AM
  4. ccfixx's Avatar
    I think most of the major browsers available for Android have the URL bar at the top of the screen, although some may have an option within the settings to change the location. Just do a search for 'browsers' within the Play Store and try some of the top-rated ones listed... Firefox, Dolphin, CM Browser, UC Browser, Opera, Maxthon, Next Browser, Javelin, etc. There are plenty others, as well, but those are a few that I've tried over the years. Some browsers (i.e. Dolphin, Opera, etc.) also have 'mini' versions, which have less features and a smaller file size.
    11-11-15 08:12 AM
  5. brian_peterson's Avatar
    Thanks... Hopefully, I can find one and post back. Otherwise if you know about one that is good and has the address bar at the bottom (or configurable, that's fine), let me know!
    11-11-15 11:03 AM
  6. ccfixx's Avatar
    Just found this one for you, but I've never tried it. If you trust the Russians, give it a try.

    Android Police: Yandex

    Yandex Launcher
    11-11-15 01:33 PM
  7. Grodecki's Avatar
    Yandex gets a craaazy amount of location pulls according to DTEK.

    It also doesn't play nicely with keyboard scrolling.

    Habit Browser however, is fantastic. Bottom URL bar (why oh why are android design conventions to use the top of the screen?) and great edge gestures. Hugely indepth config available, tho.
    11-11-15 01:46 PM

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