1. DroidBerryGuy's Avatar
    I know this has been a topic of discussion for a while. Like many of you, I have searched high and low for a browser that is fast, yet provides all the features I would need in a web browser. After downloading nearly all the browsers on the Play Store as well as several on XDA, I believe I have found my browser of choice. It is Gello Mod Browser. It is built off Chromium and CyanMod and is fast and has many great features like ad block, gestures, etc. It plays really well with the Priv.

    You can read more about and find the dowload links here: [APP][5.1+][Chromium] Gello Mod - Browser wi… | Android Development and Hacking
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    06-30-16 08:57 AM
  2. FishhPoohh's Avatar
    No thanks. I trust no mods

    Posted via the Priv for Android
    06-30-16 09:00 AM
  3. mamock116's Avatar
    I'll give it a shot, thank you. Right now i have been just using chrome since that is what comes with the phone.
    06-30-16 09:05 AM
  4. BriniaSona's Avatar
    Chrome, as it is built for the OS
    But In my opinion, Chrome sucks, I use Mozilla
    06-30-16 09:30 AM
  5. okyoureabeast's Avatar
    Thanks for this, I've been using Chrome and Adgaurd to block ads. This may be better for me to uninstall AdGaurd and just go open.
    06-30-16 10:16 AM
  6. koool1's Avatar
    I have Mozilla but I still prefer Chrome.

    Posted via BlackBerry PRIV
    06-30-16 10:27 AM
  7. Gayle Lynn's Avatar
    Firefox - we go back to 0.8/0.9 days. Has reader mode, PDF save to Google Drive, adblock, https, no script type extension. Otherwise only thing I like iOS was Safari.

    Gave up trying all Web browsers out there, trust issue and support.
    06-30-16 02:38 PM
  8. IndianTiwari's Avatar
    Thank you OP. I will try it on my Priv.

     Passport SE on Etisalat 4G Network propelled by
    06-30-16 03:26 PM
  9. CivilDissident's Avatar
    Best Web browser for the Priv (or any Android) is Firefox (along side a VPN) in my opinion... To get my Tor fix I roll with Orbot and Orfox...

    Posted via CB10
    06-30-16 03:30 PM

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