1. Estevezz's Avatar
    Hey guys,
    What is the best way to do it? I have read that if done wrong you may end up with doubled contacts or doubled space contacts. Somebody mentioned to upload all contacts through Google but not sure how to do it on Z30.
    Can I use Max Contact Manager for that?
    11-25-15 12:11 PM
  2. DetritalGeo's Avatar
    Hey that depends what you use.

    If ALL your contacts are in an online address book such as gmail or outlook, simply log in on your new device.

    You can go onto your Gmail contacts and cross reference, I am not sure if there is an batch import feature..

    If you have all your contacts locally on the physical device only, then use the contacts app.

    I recommend you compile the contacts beforehand. I had a mix of online address book and local. What you will find is that the contacts app does a good job of automatically merging accounts with the same contact. In my case I had to manually remove the local portion to make my life simpler.

    Posted via CB10
    11-25-15 12:20 PM

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