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    I know this has been discussed, but I thought I'd mention my personal top two favourite manufacturers that have caught my eye:

    1) PDair
    BlackBerry Priv Pouch, Sleeve Wallet, Holster, PDair Leather Flip Case
    Specifically their book wallet case. This is probably the one I'm going to get in the near future for mine. This one gives you the option of a removable belt clip. I have the official BB version, but I'm not a big fan of the front panel which doesn't close securely. I like that this one has a magnetic flap which secures the front panel.

    I can personally vouch for the quality of the case as I had one of their belt cases for my Passport.

    2) Stilgut
    PRIV - Blackberry - Products
    Already discussed here on multiple occasions.

    Just some thoughts!

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    01-04-16 12:46 AM
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    Thanks for your input!
    01-04-16 12:25 PM

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